Sunday School (K-5th Grade); Sunday, September 27 @ 10:00 a.m.

Our look at the life of Moses concludes with the story of The Red Sea. We’ll have our fun discussion question of the week, bible story, lesson of the day, and scavenger hunt/craft. Here are the materials you may want to have ready for our craft ahead of time:

• Paper
• Bubble Soap
• Food Coloring

Teachers: Greg Knight & Johanna Reyers
Zoom Link:

Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class (8th Grade); Sunday, September 27 @ 7:00 p.m.

Our Confirmation Class continues to explore the sacraments of the Church. This week we’re looking at the sacrament of Confirmation in more detail.

• Why does a bishop have to be present to get confirmed?
• What does confirmation have to do with baptism?
• Is there a certain age that you need to be confirmed by?  

We’ll look at all of these questions and play our game of the week.

Teachers: Greg Knight & Beth Cole
Zoom Link:

Pilgrimage Group

Pilgrimage Group (9th-12th Grade); Monday, September 28@ 8:00 p.m.

We’re going to be planning a pilgrimage to hike the Camino Ingles in northern Spain from June 22-30, 2021 and all of our high school youth are available to participate. This week we’re talking about a disciple with two names, Bartholomew/Nathanael.

• What stories involve Bartholomew outside of the Gospels?
• What sets Bartholomew apart from the other disciples?
• What is a martyr and why are they such a big deal in Christianity?

We’ll see you then!

Teachers: Greg Knight, Cody Fogwell, Ashley Fogwell, & Madie Anderson
Zoom Link:

Youth Group

Youth Group (6th-12th Grade); Wednesday, September 30 @ 6:30 p.m.

Our Wednesday night youth group continues this week. Are you sick of online school, social distancing, coronavirus constantly ruining your plans? Want a place where you can just hang out, talk about whatever you want to, and maybe play some fun games? Well then our Youth Group is the spot for you. Here’s our options for games this week:

• Survive the Internet (Who can go viral with the funniest meme?)
• Bracketeering (Like Superfight. Argue for the best champion in a creative tournament)
• Civic Doodle (Design the best city mural)

It’s more screen time minus all the expectations.

Teacher: Greg Knight
Zoom Link:

Parents Group

Parents Group (Parents of 0-5 year olds); Thursday, October 8 @ 10:00 a.m.

This is a particularly challenging time to be a parent, especially if you have young children. We can put an extraordinary amount of pressure on ourselves to do everything right and during this time of social distancing it can feel like we’re dealing with parenting issues all by ourselves. Our next conversation is about Judgment:

• Where does judgment exist in our lives?
• What are the pressures that we can put on ourselves?
• How do we respond when we feel like we’re being judged by others?

Join us for an honest conversation with or without your little one. Should situations improve concerning COVID-19, we will look to do a meet-up for pre-schoolers later in the Fall.

Teachers: Greg Knight & Gretchen Matthews
Zoom Link:

Five Minute Sunday School Recap

5-Minute Sunday School Recap

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